Welcome, visitors from www.milliondollarhomepage.com. I remember The Million Dollar Homepage fondly and what an incredible idea it was at the time. How often do you have a flash of inspiration that will make you a million dollars AND part of what makes it work is that everyone gets to enjoy the journey along with you?

Anyway, I get to share in the fun by way of purchasing an old domain that went dormant. After enjoying some nostalgia clicking around The Million Dollar Homepage, I notice alot of the links are kind of scammy. I want to add something that isn't entirely useless so I'm including some Amazon affiliate links to books I've read and enjoyed. To keep this from turning into a nightmare of disparate links, I'll try to limit myself to one genre (not a promise). I've taken an interest in history lately so that feels pretty good for this webpage.

I'm doing text links only, they play better with ad blockers. I'll put the link and some thoughts about each item.

The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington

This is a novel. It's very easy to read. I would expect anyone from your average 12 year old on up could enjoy this book. The actual subject matter pertaining to the title is very sparse and the author admits this through his correspondence with other researchers. This forces in a lot of other material and seems pretty good for filling in the blanks with some George Washington trivia you may have missed until now. The author does lean on the old cliche that Washington was completely selfless and without ambition towards making a name for himself during the revolution but it doesn't hurt the story or the facts. Pretty good story, not a heavy read.

The First World War: A Very Short Introduction

This is a great primer on WWI. It's so short but packs in a ton of information. There are a few maps that aren't great but they are usable as you read to see where things were happening. This is a part of a 'Very Short Introduction' series. I was very excited that this quality of material was available in short format but be careful buying other books in the series. If I understand correctly, this book had already been published and was used in the series after the fact. Other books in the series don't stand up to this one. I suggest researching any other 'Very Short Introduction' books individually.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet

This is really fun if you are interested in the subject matter. Early on, it's very heavy on names and places and the whole way through it's pretty dry. There are fairly detailed explanations of underlying technology and much of the story takes place in the 60s. I would say the story started growing on me about half-way through and I didn't want to put it down.

The Fog of War: Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara

OK, this book is not worth it unless you have seen the movie, Fog of War, linked below. In the movie they reference a debate style, that is in the book. Any document or reference you want to hear more about from the movie, it's in the book. This is not an exciting book in that your pulse will rise. To me, this is purely to flesh out details from the movie.

The Fog Of War

This is an amazing movie! Robert McNamara was an utterly fascinating person who served as secretary of Defense under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He played a major role in escalating the Vietnam War. (Thanks Wikipedia) The candor with which he is willing to examine his own actions during that time is astonishing. Trying to imagine ANY person of his stature being so candid about their role in recent history boggles my mind. A+ must watch.

White House Diary

Jimmy Carter is a boring person. His White House diary is not filled with surprises. In fact, he is so boring that even minor glimpses of unstatesmanly behavior seem hysterical in context. The diary is testament to a person who is almost completely the person he appears to be. Despite my 'boring' label, there is alot of excitement due to the circumstances of those 4 years. Also, the opportunity to see the honest thoughts of a president during his term is a gift.

The Case for Trump

This was a tough book for me. It was hard to distance myself from having lived through these events. It was a good reminder, after being bombarded with new most important news every day, that some of these events happened and were connected to the current political landscape. I think in 10 years, this book may be more important (although it only encompasses the presidential race and Trump's first 2 years in office). These events won't always be current events and that may be a better time to revisit. If you don't have much time or aren't enjoying the book, at least read chapter 9, 'The New/Old Crude Messenger'. Chapter 11, (yeah, i know its funny) 'Trump, the Tragic Hero?'' has an interesting theory.